Welcome Note from the Pastor

"Please know of my great devotion to religious education and your family. 
It is very important to me that you participate in the life of your church – 
through Sunday Eucharist (Mass) and through classes of religious education.  
Each Monday and each Lord’s Day (Sunday) it is vital for the life of our families."

A Note from the Pastor

From the Pastor’s Perspective…

At our baptism, we enter into a life long process of discipleship.  Each Sunday, the Lord’s Day, we renew our covenant with God in worship and pledge through Holy Communion to choose to serve God.  As Jesus said to his disciples, “Go forth to teach, baptize and serve in my name.”  Our parish takes this evangelization process seriously and invites you to share in this witness of discipleship.  We entered into a life of learning process and a life that calls us to love learning every day.  Please know of the importance I place on religious formation – for all of us. Welcome to another great year of religious education here at Saint Paschal Baylon!  I am pleased to have George & Anna Peko return as our catechetical leaders. We have worked hard to insure another great year of classes on Monday nights.  WE NEVER STOP LEARNING ABOUT GOD & OUR FAITH!

I thank you for having your children participate in the Monday night classes but also expect that you’ll attend and model for your children life-long learning by attending Night Prayer once a month during PSR and sometimes Mass.  We want the Monday nights to be our faith community night, for faith, fellowship and fun.  We will learn and pray together, especially when we have Mass throughout the year.  We are bringing national speakers for you to engage with as part of the adult sessions.  Please encourage your high scholars to continue their journey of faith by coming with you, or on their own, to our Monday night sessions.

We are always in need of parent involvement, as hall monitors, substitute teachers and more.  Please contact George and Anna to be involved in our Monday night programs.  Let us not be afraid to live and share our faith, a special gift that we have each received from God.  As God’s faithful stewards, we share 10% of our life back to God, through time, talent and treasure.  Prayerfully consider the stewardship you will share with the PSR program.

Please know of my great devotion to religious education and your family.  It is very important to me that you participate in the life of your church – through Sunday Eucharist (Mass) and through classes of religious education.  Each Monday and each Lord’s Day (Sunday) it is vital for the life of our families.  Worship and education classes form us into being Christ’s disciples, sharing the graces of the sacraments and incorporating them in our world today:  A world that needs to know of God’s love.  Thank you for continuing to answer the questions you were asked at your child’s baptism.  You said, “yes” to teaching and raising your children in the Catholic Faith.  Know that we, the Pastoral Staff, catechists and volunteers of PSR, look forward to collaborating with you in another exciting year of faith formation.

See you Sunday at Mass and Monday at class.  We are one at the Table of the Word and the Lord.  Let us continue to pray for each other.

In Christ our Eucharist,

Reverend John Thomas J. Lane, SSS